with Sara Bywaters-Baldwin, MDiv, DVATI

The world is a little unsettling & tiring right now. I know, I feel it too. That's why it's even more important that you take time for yourself in creative ways. Creativity helps you to:

  • Physically, mentally and spiritually experience movement that regulates the nervous system
  • Engage problem solving skills
  • Replenish inspiration & positive experiences
  • Increase empathy, self compassion & perspective

Hi, I'm Sara & I know you are interested in what creativity can do for you, but you don't feel confident enough to follow through with it on your own. That's why I created this Personal Art Retreat that you can do at home. You will receive:

  • 3 prompts with a 1 Day Guide that will help you one step at a time
  • An approachable schedule that encourages you to use familiar & natural materials
  • A beginning, middle & end to a day set aside for nourishing & listening to the life within you
  • Download now & schedule time for yourself this month