New gift from Willow circle art

Trees are creative perspectives of what life can be & the Willow is my favorite.

I hope you will enjoy downloading and viewing this organic reminder of flourishing life that can be yours too. I reference nature regularly within my 2 eight week & 6 month courses, Soul Scapes & Soul Garden. There is so much to glean about the way we want to grow as we engage with nature through the arts. The reciprocal benefits are an invitation towards wisdom & embodiment that serve us in all the roles we offer to the world.

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What would it look like to 'ground' yourself through creative exercises - you know, not get too far into the future or caught up in the past - be solidly right here, right now? Through metaphor & the arts, you can slow down & recognize what you need holistically each day or season of your life within your body, mind & spirit.

Hi, my name is Sara Bywaters-Baldwin and I champion growth through creativity & the arts by creating interactive art prompts, retreats and courses to guide women through the seasons of their lives.

Through my years as an art therapist and pastor, I began to see the benefit of creativty opening doors for communication, self compassion & ultimately growth. Creativity paired with nature and the created world make a knock out duo, resurrecting reminders & sign posts of how we can grow, care for and nurture growth within ourselves as we pay attention, slow down & recognize what we need.

This happens when we are active participants in the creative process of living. Fully here, in this moment. Allowing ourselves to awaken and stretch the muscles that move us to engage the life we want to live in with perseverence, resilience & grace. I believe we are all creative (for this purpose!) & made in the image of a Creator who knows "process driven art" will give us new perspectives that often become our tools to keep new life forming within and around us.

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